Warranty and repairs


  • What is damage due to incorrect use?

    If the product breaks down because of how you used it. For example, a drill battery with water damage, so that the battery can no longer be used. You will then have to purchase the product again or if you want to have user damage repaired, you will have to pay for it. We will examine the product and will inform you about the next steps.

  • What is the guarantee on my product?

    The guarantee can be checked per product in the product specifications on our website. Your product should not break down during the period of guarantee under normal use. If this does happen, we will repair or replace your product free of charge.

  • What if my product has been delivered damaged by returning to Raca Parts?

    Goods returned for a refund (e.g. false delivery) have to be sent undamaged and in the original packaging. Please use extra packaging material to return the goods. Damage caused during transport by inadequate packaging may void the guarantee.

  • Can I also have a product repaired after the period of guarantee?

    Yes, of course. In this case we will have to charge you. First, we will examine the product and then we will discuss with you what the possible next steps will be.

  • Within how many working days should the product be returned?

    Returns must be sent within 5 working days after receipt of the Raca Parts support ID. Please send your shipment to the following address:

    Raca Parts, Arnoudstraat 22, 2182 DZ Hillegom, the Netherlands

  • What are the exceptions to returns?

    Products that have been specially made for you cannot be credited in case of incorrect orders. In that case, we have already informed you about this on our order confirmation. With original items we always follow the return conditions of the supplier, which may deviate from our own return conditions.

  • What are the repair conditions

    If products must be tested by Raca Parts and if, after thorough research, we have not been able to find the error you have mentioned, we will return the products to you. In this case shipping costs will be charged.If we find a defect in the product returned, we will first try to repair it. If reparation is not possible, we will replace it. The warranty in both cases stays unchanged with a minimum of 3 months.

    REMARK: Our warranty cannot be considered as sample / trial period.